The Story
It is the year 1973. The world repels the deployment of Yuri's Psychic Dominator network. To counter their efforts, Yuri's secret moon base decided to turn the most fearful force into a weapon: gravity. However, they did not expect the gravity distortions their experiments caused to be picked up by an outside force...
August 24th, 1973, went down in history as the day a huge orbital platform entered Earth's orbit from the hyperspace. No one knew where they came from or why they came here. But what the visitors did would never be forgotten. The platform deployed a huge cannon and obliterated the entire moon base, taking a large part of the moon with it. Earth was spared.
August 26th, a strike force and three scout teams left the platform for Earth. The first probe hit Johannesburg, South Africa, quickly subjugating the population and establishing a foothold. The second probe landed somewhere in Oceania, its fate remaining uncertain to this day. The third probe landed near Stalingrad and was destroyed by the Russians, who suffered heavy losses battling against it.
The main strike force landed near Chicago. Its sole purpose: annihilate all that stood in its way. The United States was unprepared for such a major force suddenly appearing within their borders. By the time responsive action was authorized, half of the States had been reduced to ashes. This left the Allies with only one choice: to cut their losses, evacuate, and leave for Europe to regroup.
The 26th will be remarkable for another event: when the outside forces entered the atmosphere, communications jammed, robots and drones turned against their creators, radio networks around the world went dead and satellites went missing. It was Doomsday in every way possible.
A new era has begun. An external force has descended to oppress all of humanity... The future depends on what the remains of mankind does next. It depends on you, Commander.
This is Attacque Supérior.
About/Mod History
Attacque Supérior started as a simple enhancement mod back in Summer 2010. After a while, it grown so enourmous at unit-size, that it started to fall apart - leading to the original Oppressor and Pacted design of mid-2011-early 2012. That was the time, when AS started to get it's current oversaturated visuals.
AS became a noteworthy mod after the Hecthor Doomhammer Streaming Service picked it up and granted it's own audience, with a new generation of team members joining in mid-2014, exactly the same time the Freedom Confederate were added to the mix.
Since then, the mod became more and more polished, and development pacing became relatively stable, until a year later, when the OpenRA transition started.
And only the future knos what will the OpenRA transition allow to the mod...